Carp Fishing

North Michigan Fishing: Carp

In addition to smallmouth fishing in Traverse City Michigan, I also offer guided fly-fishing trips targeting carp, or "golden bones" as they are commonly referred to, on the flats surrounding the Grand Traverse Bays. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of sight fishing for these fish, you’re definitely missing out. The exhilaration of stalking these wary fish in ultra skinny water is unparalleled, resembling sight fishing for bonefish and redfish in saltwater. Just like a bonefish, the fight is every bit as exciting as the anticipation. With an explosion of water, what follows is music to the ears, line being peeled out as it sings through the rod guides and off of the reel at an incredible pace. Often taking line out well into the backing, these fish make memories with every run.

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