Traverse City Bass Partners

Under Armour 

Under Armour is an industry leader in sporting apparel that Sport Fish Michigan is proud to be teamed up with. Under Armour pushes the boundaries of what outdoor and everyday clothing can be. With innovative technologies perfect for every day use as well as many different sports, Under Armour produces a superior quality product that has grown into a household name. Sport Fish Michigan Captains & Guides love our UA apparel throughout the 4 seasons that we guide and fish in.


Rapala represents a brand that is much broader than the iconic lure company that it is known for. With other industry leading companies under the Rapala brand name in addition to its own Rapala brand, this is a company that has set the bar in terms of 4 season lure and fishing opportunities. Sport Fish Michigan is excited to be a partner with Rapala and its associated brands, whether it is lures, terminal tackle, clothing, industry-leading electronics or ice augers to name a few.

Ranger Boats
Ranger Boats 

Being on the Ranger Pro Staff has its perks. Namely, We get to drive the best bass boat on the market, offering our customers the most stable, dry, comfortable and most fishable bass boat there is. Our Ranger Z-520 Comanche rides the waves of the Great Lakes waters we fish in comfort and style. A huge front deck means that we can easily fish two customers right beside me, giving us the ability to have a nice conversation without shouting. And a sizeable rear deck means that it’s roomy and comfortable back there, as well. Ample storage for a tackle-junkie like ourselves is always a plus, and with the ultra plush spring-loaded seats, our customers and we don’t feel like we’re getting beat up when we make a speedy run on Grand Traverse Bay.


G.Loomis makes the best bass rods in the world. Period. No, they’re not the cheapest, but yes, they are the best. Light and incredibly sensitive, our Traverse City Bass customers can feel all of the subtle bites. This is where so many other rod manufacturers fall short. We’ve been using G.Loomis rods for many years, and they have never let us down. Nor have they let down our customers. When you want the best bass rods made, pick up a G. Loomis. With every technique-specific rod imaginable, there’s no shortage of rods to choose from.


We pair our G. Loomis rods with Shimano. Not because we have to, but because we want to offer our customers the best reel on the planet, to go with the best bass rods on the planet. Shimano has long been synonymous with superior quality and styling. Factor in long-lasting functionality, and there’s no need for us to look anywhere else. No matter the technique, we know every Shimano reel we own will perform the way we need it to-flawlessly.


Humminbird sonar units are, in our opinion, the best option out there for the best in quality of product, ease of use, and versatility and of course, features. With a wide range of sonar units to fit almost any budget, the features are outstanding for one, but they are incredibly simple to use for another. Simple to use is key, especially when on the water as much as we are. We don’t have time to scroll through endless menus and a maze of features, wasting our customer’s valuable time. Intuitively laid-out, we truly rely on our Humminbird graphs to help keep us on track with our maps, get us back to a particular spot with the GPS, and to reliably tell us what the bottom contour is. In all, we have a big range of Humminbird products on our charter/guide boats and in our ice shanties. We get a lot of customers asking about how units work, or how to interpret what they see on their own units, or even which units we think might be a good fit for them. We have used other brands in the past, but we think that Humminbird makes the best product available for the recreational angler as well as the tournament pro or professional guide.

Minn Kota 

Minn Kota is a staple of Traverse City Bass and Sport Fish Michigan. Trolling motors are a must-have item on our bass boat, as well as our open-style boat. We use two different styles of motor, but we consider both to be an essential tool for the boat. On our bass boat, we use the new 112 pound thrust Fortrexx. This beefy trolling motor can easily stand up to a long windy day on Grand Traverse Bay where we guide our smallmouth bass customers. The Bays have a lot of current in them, and we always position our boat to go right into the wind or into the current, which means that we need something strong and reliable. Our Fortrexx delivers every single day, which is what we and our guide customers count on. For our open-style boat, we use the new iPilot link on our 112 pound thrust Terrova. This is the ultimate trolling motor for holding in the rivers or staying on a GPS coordinate when we are out vertical jigging on Lake Michigan. The iPilot link allows us to attend to our customer’s needs without worrying about running the trolling motor. We can do that with the iPilot remote from anywhere in the boat. And with plenty of power to spare, the Terrova can keep our 20 foot boat in one spot on the river, or in one spot on Lake Michigan-even in big waves. Truly well-built, Minn Kota trolling motors are the best option when it comes to trolling motors.

Yeti Coolers 

During our busy guide season in Traverse City, we keep a Yeti cooler in our truck filled with ice and drinks. This makes it easier to transfer drinks to our boat when needed, and we know that with the awesome insulation, even during the dog days of summer, we can count on cold drinks and plenty of ice left in the cooler. While it may not seem like much, it makes getting ready for the next guide trip that much easier. It also allows us to keep a larger variety of drinks for customers, knowing that they’ll be cold and refreshing!

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses 

Fishing on Grand Traverse Bays and the inland lakes surrounding the Traverse City area is a real treat. With such clear water, we are often able to sight fish to not only spawning fish, but cruising fish on the flats and down as deep as 40 feet! Good polarized glasses are an absolute must. Great polarized glasses are crucial to us, and our customers’, success. Costa Del Mar sunglasses offer us the optic clarity to see the fish our customers rely on seeing in order to cast to. Well built and stylish, our Costa sunglasses are always on our faces.

Angling Buzz 

Angling Buzz was created by Lindner Media in 2016, including a new website as well as a new television show. Sport Fish Michigan is a proud sponsor of the news-style Angling Buzz TV show. As a new concept in fishing television, Angling Buzz TV hosts up-to-date information and fishing reports from a wide variety of guides and anglers around the Midwest. Traverse City Bass’ role is as the only reporting source for the entire state of Michigan. Traverse City Bass’ Capt. Ben Wolfe fished and filmed with Al Lindner during the 2017 season, putting together 2 different Lindner’s Angling Edge television shows which aired in 2018.

Lindner’s Angling Edge 

Lindner Media developed Lindner’s Angling Edge and Lindner’s Fishing Edge television shows to feature fisheries and educate anglers. Created by Al Lindner, Ron Lindner, and James Lindner, the shows have grown to include other family members and personalities such as Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin. The Angling Edge series showcases in-depth tips and how-to educational segments covering the full spectrum of topics of interest to anglers: fish locations and seasonal movements, electronics, bait and lure presentations, and more. The Lindners bring their extensive experience and enthusiasm to each show. Traverse City Bass Guide Service‚Äôs Captains Ben Wolfe, Chad Dilts, and Ron Dohm are proud to have filmed several shows with the Lindners, which aired in 2018. Capt. Ben Wolfe and the entire Sport Fish Michigan team are excited about our continued working relationship with Lindner Media both on and off the water.

Traverse City Chamber of Commerce 

As a member of the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, we show our commitment to Traverse City, and furthering our business and those of our fellow Traverse City businesses.

Traverse City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau 

The Traverse City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is a great resource to find your next adventure or pick up a rack card or two for shopping, adventure, or dining options. Knowledgeable staff help to answer questions, and offer a friendly smile. Stop in and say hello, and learn more about the various activities the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau has to offer.

Benzie Chamber of Commerce 

Benzie County has some fantastic smallmouth lakes, and I’m proud to be a member of the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce. With a fantastic staff that’s friendly and expert at the activities Benzie county has to offer, wander in, and say hello.

Hatch Outdoors
Hatch Outdoors 

Hatch makes the best fly reels on the market. Hands down! When we cast to smallmouth bass, We use a Hatch 5 to battle these bruiser bronzebacks. Whether we’re casting sinking lines or stripping a floating line, We know that these reels will handle any situation we have. And when we’re targeting the Golden Bones of freshwater, (the common carp), we need a reel whose drag can take a 100 yard dash. Similar to bonefish, our carp make blistering runs when they’re caught on fly, and a smooth, sturdy drag is a must. And our Hatch Outdoors fly reels are the only fly reels that make it into our boat

Sage Fly Fish 

As a fishing guide, We need top quality equipment that performs each and every time a customer picks it up. We can rely on Sage fly reels to do just this. Whether we’re casting for big smallmouth bass, lake trout in the shallows or sight fishing 30 pound carp, We know that whatever weight fly rod our customers are using, it’s going to work. Flawlessly and easily. A dream to cast, built to last, We love what Sage rods offer us and our guide customers.

Trout Unlimited 

Trout Unlimited was founded in northern Michigan and plays an important role for Traverse City Bass. TU, as it’s known, are some of the best advocates and resources we have for helping to protect our fisheries, environment and our favorite sport. Trout Unlimited also keeps us informed about changing laws, upcoming rule changes, and in general, helps us do what we love to do!